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This hotel is situated in Puerto Ayora, located on the southern side of the island. The Gran Hotel Lobo de Mar enjoys a convenient location near several popular tourist destinations, making transportation easy and pleasant. Within the main tourist area, you will find Tortuga Bay, Las Grietas, the Passengers dock, Charles Darwin Station, Ninfas Lagoon, AMT, grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants, all within close proximity and easily accessible.

Features Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar

Include spacious guestrooms with private bathrooms, modern amenities, cable television, and wireless Internet access. The hotel also boasts a restaurant with an outdoor patio, as well as various eateries serving delicious food and cocktails. The surrounding tourist areas offer a wide range of activities, allowing you to choose the ones that interest you.

What can I do in Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar?

At the Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar, you can also enjoy all-inclusive Galapagos vacation packages, which include airfare, hotel accommodations, tours, and various activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, or diving. After exploring the wonderful sites, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars where you and your family can savor excellent meals and drinks. Your journey through this beautiful island paradise begins with a stay at the Gran Hotel Lobo de Mar, a quality, well-appointed, and well-equipped hotel.

How can I get to Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar?

To reach the Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar, it is advisable to book your tour packages well in advance, as these hotels tend to fill up quickly with eager tourists. Most of these hotels are located on the coast and can be accessed by sea. When traveling from the airport to your hotel, you can take a ferry to reach the island of Santa Cruz and then directly take a taxi to the hotel, which is where most of the tourist activity takes place. Most visitors to the Galapagos Islands prefer to confirm their reservations before arriving in the islands.

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